Imperial Privilege

One of Red Saber’s skills.
She doesn’t normally have this skill, however if she asserts her Imperial right, it’s possible for her to obtain this skill for short periods of time.
Skills that fall under this category include riding, swordsmanship, fine arts, charisma, military strategy, and more. When this skill is used at a Rank A level or above, she gains the ability to physically burden the bodies of her enemies (like [the] Divinity [skill]).
It’s an incredibly unfair and ostentatious ability.
The Emperor of that empire might as well be a God. All skills converged at Rome… no, converge at the Emperor. If the Emperor called white black, then it was black.
However, even so, one could not acquire skills without basis. But seeing as Red Saber is an all-round genius and a very curious spirit, she had experience in most of the skills.
“A passenger plane? Even I can pilot such a simple vehicle! All you have to do is check the altitude and adjust the angle of the airframe a bit, right? It’s no different than the jet-chariot I invented!” Were Red Saber to suddenly spout something unreasonable like this, you would think her crazy. But she would actually grasp enough piloting skills just from reading a book about it and reflecting on it alone.
…But it remains to be mentioned that the double whammy of becoming bored with the subject and getting a headache would soon make her forget the knowledge she gained.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Officially localized as both Royal Prerogative and Emperor’s Prerogative.
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