Kokutou Azaka

A young girl in her late teens. A student of Reien Girls Academy. The younger sister of Kokutou Mikiya. A hatching magus under the guidance of Touko.
A tragic heroine who was in love with Mikiya, but had him snatched away right before her eyes by Shiki due to her false assumption that Mikiya would always be alone. Because of this, Azaka trained with Touko as a way to spite Shiki.
Different from Mikiya, Azaka was the perfect model student. She buried her affection and played the role of the “good little sister” when around Mikiya, but to Shiki and Touko, her true colors were all but exposed.
She was a predator that always captured her prey, a wolf in sheep’s skin. Her love was pure and beautiful, although a little twisted. Maybe this was why it would not simply disappear.
Although she had no talent as a magus (Magic Circuits), she was still able to learn ignition spells due to her inborn ability of triggering spontaneous combustion.
Since her spell-weaving skills were still not up to par, she wore the Salamander Skin Gloves that Touko gave her during combat.
She was in this limbo of being only marginally relevant to the story.

Garden of sinners Pamphlet: Kara no Kyoukai Settings Glossary