Thesis of the Still Heart

Gojyou Shinkan.
Healing software developed by Kiara Sesshoin.
It is a codecast used to perform mental maintenance. It first determines the areas of the mind that are stagnating or out of order, and then physically removes them, thereby returning stability to the user’s mind. This program was originally made to map out a patients mind and then understand the connections found in their mind.
Originally a Secret Garden1 is supposed to be something that comes out over a period of time, but the Thesis of the Still Heart enables one to retrieve it imediately upon discovery.
Of course Secret Gardens are secrets, but at the same time their contents should be revealed.
It’s natural that everyone wants to protect their secrets, but at the same time there is also that feeling of wanting others to know.
It’s “painful” to always be protecting a secret.
And it’s only human nature to want to be free of burden.
Precisely because it’s a secret you don’t want anyone to know, you desire exoneration, so you break it to someone and have them understand your situation.
Thesis of the Still Heart seems to have been made to fulfill this subconscious, fundamental desire through true mutual understanding.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ A term for secret parts of one’s heart.
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