Glass Grass Teatime

Len’s cat-summoning technique. There are four varieties: brown, black, grey, and orange tabby. The A version of the technique summons the brown or orange cat, while the B version of the technique summons the black or grey cat. Also, as an aside, the grey cat is the ultimate cat, capable even of pushing back Nrvnqsr’s Arc Drive.
As a succubus, Len has no inherent ability to employ cats as minions or anything like that. They are simply cooperating out of a sense of good will. It seems that Len, who was created from a black cat, can understand the language of cats.
The inspiration for this technique comes from the scene in Kagetsu Tohya where you first encounter Len in the park. The name of that event was “Len Covered In Cats.”
Also, the C version of the technique summons some sort of cat-like organism that flies off into the sky. Though its majestic figure is reminiscent of mankind’s first functional rocket, the V-2, the truth is it’s a pretty useless move.

MB Act Cadenza PS2 Manual: Tsukihime Dictionary