Glen Mackenzie

A 72 year old man from Australia. Thanks to hypnosis, Waver was able to use him for free room and board during the Fourth Holy Grail War.
In his younger days he was a hotshot businessman, and moved his family to Japan as part of his job. However, he ended up being so taken with Fuyuki that he decided to live there permanently. He retired from his company and started up his own independent import-export business. But though his management ability was solid, he had no great ambitions as a trader. He worked for forty long years, avoiding pitfalls and bankruptcy, and passed the company on to a successor as soon as he had enough money saved. Now he passes his days in quiet tranquility, working part-time as a teacher at an English conversation school.
His son Chris had been in elementary school when they moved, and while he enjoyed life in Japan he also felt a strong attraction to his roots and wanted his son to be educated in Australia. In the end, Chris’ family moved back to Toronto soon after the birth of their child and gradually fell out of contact with Glen and his wife, until eventually they barely ever heard from each other at all.

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