Kugamine Tonami

Eldest son of the Kugamine, the Tohno branch family with the most material wealth. He was engaged to Akiha as a matter of convenience.
He is mentioned briefly in name only in Tsukihime itself, but in Kagetsu Tohya he displayed his awe-inspiring and manly figure.
His outward appearance is that of a good-natured, plump middle-aged man. His true nature, though, is quite different. He is a preposterous person, full of dark and loathsome ambitions. And also a total pervert. He’s a voyeur photography buff, and loves girls’ bodies (but not girls). In truth, it seems Hisui is more his type than Akiha.
Despite being related to the Tohno, the abnormal blood of the Kugamine is quite thin. Also, though the men of their family are all prone to obesity, their women are apparently extremely beautiful.

Tsukihime Dokuhon Plus Period: Tsukihime Dictionary Revised