Demonic Bodhisattva

Mashou Bosatsu.
This term is the widely-known nickname of a certain somebody.
The horns jutting from her head are devil horns.
This shows that she is the enemy of the enlightened (buddhas).
She is the embodiment of self-love, and prioritizes pleasure over everything else.
Her pleasure is achieved by using human lives and treating them as sustenance. She is a walking disaster for man and beast alike.
Those who met this woman were touched by her great kindness and would devotedly follow her as though she has cast a spell upon them.
After that, due to her great desire to be loved, she would (foolishly) use them to indulge in her sexual desires. The problem is that the more you fulfill your sexual desires, the less satisfying it becomes to do so.
This woman has no desire for dilute, unsatisfying “pleasure.”
Her followers would fall into despair because she no longer showed any concern for them, “She won’t love us ever again.” and thus they end their lives. In the end, the victims had their bodies and everything they had completely devoured by her.
She is certainly guilty, but since all her followers who committed suicide were thankful to her, she was unable to be charged and prosecuted.
It goes without saying, her followers were simply mistakenly appreciative of her, or were deceived.
Her followers were vaguely aware of the fact that she was not a saint, but actually a devil, but they were unable to escape from her devilish grasp, and found their lives degenerating.
A similar situation is also true for Kirei Kotomine, although he takes things in a somewhat different direction.
Kotomine recognized himself as evil, and decided that evil was appropriate for him, thus he strayed from the path of human morals.
This woman (a Demonic Bodhisattva) considers all her actions, regardless of what, to be good. Quite the haughty evil spirit.
This evil spirit of a woman lies to herself about nothing, but soaks her words with lies to entrap everyone around her as food; their lives expended completely for her own sake.
The absoluteness of her ego, her unwavering attitude towards everything; to a regular person it might seem as though she is on the border of enlightenment. If there were a specific reason that her followers called her a “saint,” it would be because at this characteristic.

The appearance she takes on after her demonic reincarnation is one of the highlights in CCC (and also a bit far out).
Its formal name is The Third Pleasure Heaven of Deeply Grateful Existence [随喜自在第三外法快楽天].
She is a new god descended from the Covetous Mother Goddess.
Only Saver, who has by all rights mastered the esoteric ability to completely turn off his sexual desire, is able to match up to this woman incarnate.
Rather than using the mysterious effects that are privilege only to God’s to attack, her primary method of attacking is using her hands. This is because according to her directly touching her opponent and having her opponent touch her is more pleasurable.
Having been designed at the same time as the Fate/EXTRA boss characters, she was made to be completely opposite of the others.
“Fate always has the most amazing boss characters. We want to make sure things stay that way in EXTRA as well.”
Said Mr. Niifu in a presentation, “In that case, why don’t we make her name a cross between the names of the main villains of Kara no Kyoukai and Fate/stay night? And that’s how she got her name.
As for myself, at that time I had just cleared Bayonetta, which is why CCC features such a high tension scenario. I bared my desire for all to see, “Well see, I really want to write a slutty bitch into the story. A super erotic bitch to end them all, a new genre God Bitch?”
So I went to Takeshi Takeuchi with a variety of nonsensical requests such as,
“Please make the last boss costume naked-apron (Hadaka Apron).”

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Also known as Devilish Bodhisattva and Devil’s Bodhisattva.
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