Rail Zeppelin

The stage of the Rail Zeppelin incident, which ushered in the second half of the Case Files story.
The ability to safely extract and transplant Mystic Eyes with one hundred percent certainty was limited to the Rail Zeppelin alone.
Though it originally only ran in the heart of Northern Europe, after being destroyed in battle by a certain Grand class doll maker, the original owner disappeared. Once the Rail Zeppelin had finally been repaired, it began to make appearances throughout the entirety of Europe, even being found in Britain, despite it being entirely surrounded by the sea. Miss Touko was really quite thorough.
The owner’s representative that appeared part way through is like a shadow of the original owner. Only Gray, whose spiritual sensitivity is extraordinarily high, or people like the conductor and auctioneer who had a connection to the original owner in life, can perceive her existence.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ The Mystic Eye Collecting Train
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