Märchen Meines Lebens

A Story Just For You.
Noble Phantasm used by the poison-tongued shota writer Andersen.
He observes a person, and then writes a complete book about the ideal life for them based on his observations.
If the book ends up being well written, it can be used as a Noble Phantasm to make the target develop into their “ultimate form” which is written in the book.
While this may seem useful as a support type Noble Phantasm, the biggest problem is that it takes a very long time to complete it, so within the context of the Moon’s Holy Grail War it is not useful in any way.
Furthermore, there is the risk that even if Andersen had enough time to write a whole book, it’s possible that the book turns out poorly and can’t be used.
We should really try inferring the dejection that Kiara displayed after summoning Andersen and finding out about his Noble Phantasm.
“Ahahaha. Well this game is impossible now isn’t it ♥”
Laughed the nun.

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