Misawa Hanei

A first-year student at the Asagami Academy for Girls, and one of Akiha’s roommates. Her nickname is Hanepin.
She has an easygoing personality, and is pretty large for a girl. This makes her something of a lopsided pair with the petite Souka, but according to all the other students they’re a match made in heaven. Though Souka herself vehemently denies it, it seems that it’s generally acknowledged that she and Hanepin are the school’s best couple.
She is absolutely hopeless when it comes to keeping things tidy and in order, and her personal effects are always spilling over onto Akiha and Souka’s desks. But even so, her dexterous fingers and scrupulous nature allow her to excel at crafting small goods. She receives countless requests from both students and teachers, which she inevitably accepts without hesitation. Because of this, she always seems to be busily working on some thing or another.
She appears in the Kagetsu Tohya side story “A Story For the Evening.” She is the most therapeutic character in all of Type-Moon, and has a huge number of hidden fans. Also, this is supposed to be a secret, but it seems she actually has the largest breasts out of all the girls in Tsukihime.

Tsukihime Dokuhon Plus Period: Tsukihime Dictionary Revised