Moon Cell’s Core

Moon Cell‘s core is Moon Cell.
As far as Moon Cell is concerned, the seven layers that make up the interior of the Moon are just “additional memory.”
Moon Cell‘s core is what really manages the Moon and observes the Earth. It is the brain that stores the data about the past and future.
It observes the determination of every possible destiny every second, computes further results, and stores everything inside itself as light.1
There are untold tens of millions of lights years of light trapped within the core, and the entire photonic crystal structure is also powered by it.
A certain person named Moon Cell‘s core, “The Destiny Perceiving Dendrogram.”
Just by using information encoded by converging light Moon Cell‘s core can even rewrite the laws of physics.
Phenomena Selection Tree Angelica Cage.

…The ability to enter Moon Cell‘s core is the forbidden fruit that is offered to the ultimate victor of the Holy Grail War.
After overcoming the Seven Seas the protagonist, who is the last one left alive, finally makes it to Moon Cell‘s core.
A sea of light and innumerable coffins await him/her there.
And there the one that waits for the protagonist, upon the rubble of the entombed remains of the many victors.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Stores as light means stores in the photonic crystal (think super advanced fiber optics).
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