Moon Cell’s Discovery

Moon Cell was discovered in 1973.
After the magus of the old world were cut off from their mana, a wizard employed by the United Nations managed to infiltrate Moon Cell, and Moon Cell’s existence was revealed to all.
The following are the words from a hacker who returned alive from Moon Cell’s first layer.

“That thing on the Moon is a computational device that could never be produced by present-day mankind.
There is no physical way to infiltrate it. Even if you were to fly up to the Moon on a rocket, it would be impossible to access the device.
The thing on the Moon is simply too different from us humans, a civilization that relies on physical matters. It is something impossible to analyze or understand using existing human technology and language system.
However, through a spirit-like information body, even if the format of information is different, understanding its “meaning” is still possible.”

After that, this astounding supercomputer came to be considered as the product of an otherworldly civilization, and the West Europe Plutocracy started to monitor it.

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