Moon Crux

A spiritron-enhancement Mystic Code that Servants can wear with the power of the Regalia.
Moonlight Mystic Code. The Moon Cell version of the “Big Crunch.” It is made by collecting all of the pseudo-spiritrons (light cells) within the Moon.
Nero’s Moon Crux is made in the image of a Roman gladiator, combined with the princess of a new empire. Her legs really do look beautiful in those red tights. There was a helmet as well for maximum cool factor, but it was super-hot when she tried it on, so she ended up taking it off immediately.
Tamamo no Mae’s Moon Crux combines the luxuriousness of a dangerous beauty with the duality of yin and yang. No matter how you slice it, she looks like the boss of an expensive Ginza hostess club. Back in the planning stages, there was also a yakuza wife-themed outfit, a kimono with chest bindings and tattoos from the neck to the shoulder, but that was unfortunately scrapped.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Japanese literally translates to Moon Crunch.
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