A Servant who has not yet appeared in Fate/EX. Berserker class.
Titan Altera uses her as a reference when she changes into her nurse outfit.
A nurse who heals the wounds of the injured, no matter what stands in her way. She performs her unique brand of healing like a speeding dump truck with a broken brake. She’ll even punch out the President of the United States if he stands in her way.
An angel with a steel glare, she has an iron will and an inflexible rationale.
“I really want to put a nurse outfit on Altera.”
“I want nurse Altera to let me nap on her thighs.”
“I want to stare incessantly at an embarrassed Altera in a nurse outfit with a miniskirt.”
These feelings are what led to the implementation of Florence Nightingale.
“You need to be cured as well, especially your head.”

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