Bath Time Event

Illustrious special events in My Room.
This time around, we finally added a bath to the characters’ private chambers.
Nero’s bath is an elegant one, suited for the nobility, while Tamamo’s bath is in the traditional Japanese style. They’re both rather silly.
Although you don’t see a bath in Altera’s My Room, we like to believe there is a giant underground room beyond the stone cavern, with an underground lake (which is also a hot spring, of course).
Altera’s bath time event, which ended up being shelved, featured the Main Character requesting a bath with Altera under the assumption that she wouldn’t agree to it.
“I have a bath, shall we slip in?” would be her surprising reply.
“Let’s dive in right away!” After the screen faded to black, the next scene would be the Main Character floating in a bath made in the palms of the Titan Altera’s cupped hands. The scene would end with the Main Character yelling, “Wait, I’M the one bathing?!”

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