Golden Hind

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This is the boat that Rider sails on when she activates her Noble Phantasm. It’s Francis Drake’s beloved boat.
At a length of a little less than 37 meters, both the bow and stern of the ship each have 4 cannon portholes, while the sides of the ship each have 14.
In this boat’s heyday the main form of naval combat was still boarding the enemy ship after smashing into it, but this boat’s design reflects that it was able to be used in armada naval battles by employing long range cannons. It seems that if the target ship could be intimidated into surrendering, these cannons were not used. Of course standard pirate strategy revolves around forcing the target ship to surrender without damaging it, and then proceeding to board it.
The galleon’s original name was “The Pelican,” but Drake thought this name was lame (or at least ill-omened), so he changed it.
…This is why when someone mentions the name “The Pelican” to Rider she gets seriously ticked off, but her foolish anger is kind of cute.

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