Olga Marie Asmleit Animusphere

Daughter of the Lord of Astrology, Marisbury.
In Fate/Grand Order she serves as the head of the Humanity Preservation Task Force Chaldea, but in the Case Files timeline a number of necessary conditions for that were not met, and so that future will not occur.
In the Rail Zeppelin case, she immediately broke down after losing her attendant, Trisha. Though considering her age at the time, it was somewhat inevitable. With the lessons learned from the Rail Zeppelin incident and the memory of Trisha in her heart, she reappeared in the Grand Roll incident, this time to show off her capability as a Lord’s successor (though her self confidence leads her to overstep her bounds from time to time).
After the events of Case Files, she keeps in contact with Reines. As fitting for the successor of a Lord, sometimes in cooperation, and sometimes for her own conspiracies.
…I wonder, when will she realize that with a single finger, she can bend and twist the fates of numerous magi, all while smiling from on top?

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