Right Hand, Evil Eater / Left Hand, Xanadu Matrix

Right Arm, Transgression Consumption
Left Arm, Foundation of Heaven’s Gift.
The Noble Phantasms used by Shirou Kotomine since the time of the Third Holy Grail War. They are the legend materialization type. They are both Rank D. The right arm possesses the same function as the skill “Eye of the Mind (True)” and the left arm has the same function as the skill “Eye of the Mind (False),” and they both strengthen the power of Baptism Rites.
By linking to the foundation of all forms of magecraft, these Noble Phantasms make it possible to use, to a certain degree, even magecraft that the user shouldn’t know of except as general knowledge. They are handy and convenient Noble Phantasms, but even if Shirou was summoned as a Caster, he still wouldn’t stand a chance against a first-rate magus like Medea.
However, this modest blessing of being able to use any magecraft without needing to master them is what allowed him to gain complete control of the Greater Grail.

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