Run Ru

Real name unknown.
A Master who wears a clown costume. Nobody knows her real identity or origin.
She consumes the bodies of the Masters she defeats…… the rumored cannibal.
Why did you join in on the Holy Grail War? What do you want?
Run Ru reveals nothing.
Run Ru suffers from a form of anorexia where she can only eat things that she loves. She hasn’t taken in nutrients through her mouth in a long time.
She is always burdened with the feeling of starvation, and one might guess that she is participating in the Holy Grail War in order to sate her hunger.
…the fact that she is constantly starving goes to show that she doesn’t come to love things easily.
Run Ru knows that true love for someone/something means that you would be willing to trade your life for them/it.
That’s why Run Ru doesn’t love things easily.
No matter how hungry, even if she is starving to the point where she is on death’s doorstep, she cannot compromise her values and never loves something temporarily in order to be able to eat it. It might seem contradictory, but there is no deception or lies in Run Ru’s heart, just pure love.

Depending on the protagonist’s choices, Run Ru is one of the possible opponents in the fourth round.
Run Ru is completely unrelated to the main storyline of the Holy Grail War, but the theme of the fourth round is “battle with the oddballs.”
Run Ru lost her beloved child while giving birth, and that made her lose her sanity. She has been insane ever since.
The protagonist encounters Run Ru after overcoming battles with friends, soldiers and weaklings. It is immediately clear that Run Ru is a crazed maniac that is a far shot from having any common sense.
Is she strong because she is crazy?
Or did her strength drive her crazy?
Why did society give birth to someone so alien to human values? During their battle this is one of the few things that the protagonist will learn about Run Ru.

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