Ryougi SHIKI

The other personality of Ryougi Shiki. Lost. Killer.
A personality of Ryougi Shiki who controlled the aspect of “Denial/Negativity.” His speech and gestures were those of a youth.
Although it was dual personality, Shiki and SHIKI were not a result of Dissociative Identity Disorder. For both of them, it was a matter of whose actions take priority.
Even though SHIKI was responsible for Ryougi Shiki’s destructive impulses, he was not a pure killer. It could be said that SHIKI despised his own impulses and voluntarily became Shiki’s subordinate personality.
However, the relationship changed with the appearance of Kokutou Mikiya. At the time of Ryougi Shiki’s accident, SHIKI acted as the substitute and disappeared.
The reason that Shiki still employed the male speech pattern despite the disappearance of SHIKI was elaborated in Murder Investigate Part II.

Garden of sinners Pamphlet: Kara no Kyoukai Settings Glossary