User of the Lancer Card

It’s What-the-hell Melloi…
A dear uncle that fights using a Code named Marrow of the Moon Spirit. The quicksilver that has memorized every geometrical pattern becomes a universal weapon that combines offense and defense. Strong, absolutely strong. My quicksilver is the strongest! My magecraft is supreme! W-What’s this red spear? I can’t use it, it hinders my quicksilver manipulation.
Er well, he had that kind of mentality. It seems Shirou understood that the replacement with a puppet caused his personality to collapse, but for some reason, er, it might not have changed too much from the original personality.
If he hadn’t relied on his magecraft and mastered his spear perfectly, there should have been a high probability of him killing Shirou. That spear hits quite well after all.

PRISMA material/petit: Encyclopedia of Prisma Illya MOVIE