User of the Rider Card

An uncle related to the Matou family.
As usual his original body is dead. A pitiable person whose remaining personality displaced into a puppet is used as a pawn of the Ainsworths. A remarkable decline in his language capability and thought ability can be seen.
It is unknown why he threw himself into the Holy Grail War, but it is certain that he was being led around by the nose by the intentions of the head of the Matou family. One of the victims of the monster of the Matou, who cunningly manipulates people’s thoughts and life. Due to the erosion incident of five years ago, that elder is already dead, but his personality still continues to be tied down.
It wasn’t drawn in the original manga, but his appearance was finally exposed and watched in the film. The silky long straight hair that undeniably felt like it would get big laughs just from appearing is from the influence of the Installed Heroic Spirit.

PRISMA material/petit: Encyclopedia of Prisma Illya MOVIE