Legend of Dracula

Tradition of Blood. The forbidden Noble Phantasm of Lancer of “Black,” Vlad III. In Romania, Vlad is treated as a hero, but this Noble Phantasm releases his abilities as the “Vampire Dracula,” who possesses great fame worldwide except for Romania. In that sense, it resembles the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon: Aerial Gardens of Vanity” which is also a fictional legend.
This Noble Phantasm grants the power of vampires from fiction, making Vlad capable of turning even Servants into fellow vampires through the act of sucking their blood. He can also change form into mist or a flurry of bats, and all physical damage is negated when he is in those forms.
Besides his fangs and superhuman strength, his weapons include stakes which he can create from within his body to stab his enemies. Though his thought processes are weakened equivalent to the effect of Mad Enhancement, if you look at his overall abilities, his strength is greater in this form than Vlad III as a sovereign.

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