Pseudo-spiritron transference. A person is transformed into a pseudo-spiritron form (their soul is quantified as data) and projected into a different time axis/phase. Rayshifting is a navigation technique that has been proved to perform such transference. A mix of time travel and parallel worlds.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ In Fate/EXTRA this term is also known as Virtual Spiritron or Pseudo Spirit Particle.
MB Back Alley Alliance Nightmare: Encyclopedia of Rojiura Nightmare

A movement method that transforms matter into Pseudo-Spiritrons, and transfers it to arbitrary coordinates.
A time leap technique that has been put into practical use with the cooperation of the Atlas Institute.
While claiming to dispatch the Master to different eras through Spiritron transfer, in reality it’s a method to where they are “projected and observed” after having become Spiritron data. Its realization was regarded as dangerous by the Mage’s Association since it can be used like a time machine.
Its completion was criticized as impossible because theories aside, the technology could not catch up, but Marisbury, representing a research facility of the Quantum Mechanics department, invested a huge amount of money and negotiated with the American government, received a supply of materials and engineers, and finally managed to complete it. The experiment is subject to the permission of the United Nations (although mostly to the Mage’s Association). The time of the investigation of Singularity F was also the first use of Rayshift.
A magical accelerator rather than a quantum accelerator was installed around the walls of the outer periphery of Chaldea, and it was supposed to be spun at maximum output to convert 48 Masters into Spiritrons and Rayshift them, but……
(Conversion of one Master with a compact accelerator is also possible)

The Rayshifting process:

  1. Entrance into the Coffin.
    Examination and definition of every parameter of the Master candidate.
  2. Creation through magecraft of a “Living but Dead Box”.
    Placement of the Master’ existence into an “unknown” state.
  3. Beginning of separation into Pseudo-Spiritrons.
    A supercomputer is fully mobilized to calculate the deviation of history and causality caused by the absence of the Master, their body and fate, and to apply a provisional numerical formula to correct history properly.
    It consumes a huge amount of electricity and magical power, but that’s covered by the accelerator.
  4. Usage of the data from the human history map CHALDEAS, which are guaranteed up to 100 years ago, and confirmation of the status of the destination of the Rayshift.
    Beginning of Spiritron projection.
  5. Complete isolation of the Coffin and the outside world once all the Spiritrons of the master have fully been projected in the destination of the Rayshift. The inside of the Coffin will be defined as nothing.
  6. The Master will materialize in the era of the Rayshift. Usually falling from the sky.


MOONLIGHT/LOSTROOM material: Encyclopedia of Moonlight/Lostroom