Imaginary Spiritron Trap

Ryoushi Kyokou Kansei.
This is BB’s imaginary number space which is depicted as black noise and black tentacles in game. Anyone who comes into contact will be unable to do anything as BB takes ownership of their data.
As far as an intelligent lifeform’s existence in cyberspace is concerned, their data is the foundation of their existence, and after being trapped BB can freely alter that data… essentially throwing their existence into disorder.
Wizards maintain themselves with an “unshakable ego” that is defined in cyberspace using pseudo-spiritrons, but BB’s tentacles, like the tongue of an enchantress, can even take control of those spiritrons and invade and prey upon them.
This is the biggest bug ever to exist in the history of Moon Cell.
The true nature of the tentacles is the very being of the far side of the Moon;
Negative, Cursed, Cutting, Crater.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Literally translates to “Spiritron Imaginary Pitfall.”
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