Spiritron Composition

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Ryoushi Kouzou. Also known as Soul Qualia.
Within cyberspace the form of things changes very easily.
Within SE.RA.PH there are no stable, fixed values, and even the flow of time is not constant.
However, regardless of size or form of transformation that is occurring, there is one thing that doesn’t change.
That is the “meaning” of the existence of the soul which lies in a higher dimension.
Spiritron structure is defined based on the soul and represents the soul’s “true essence.”
Intelligent lifeforms… Wizards for the most part, connect strongly with their spiritron structure, and have “their own appearance”1 even within cyberspace.

Translator's Notes
  1. ^ Here, “their own appearance” means their real world human appearance, which is too difficult for low level (non-wizard) hackers to maintain. Although there are some exceptions where a wizard takes on an alternate appearance which is not their own.
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