Rosalind Istari

One of the visitors to Adra, the Castle of Separation, along with her brother Heine Istari.
Due to Heine’s flight from the family, she received the Magic Crest in his stead, but the efforts to accomodate the Crest for her body were badly over-compensated. Because of this, the Magic Crest itself changed in nature, causing it to begin stealing his life force when it was re-transplanted onto Heine. Thus, the plan to seek Geryon Ashbourne, the Master of Restoration’s help, was hatched.
After the incident, with the loss of Heine, Rosalind was wrapped up in the struggle for succession within the Istari family. But, having become aware of this, Reines dispatched Heine’s friend Tokitou Jiroubou Seigen to protect her in the name of the El-Melloi family, a duty that would prove no easy task.
Though Rosalind and Reines don’t get along all that well, she was thankful in some respect for her giving Seigen a manner of relief from his unending suffering.

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