Sakura Five

The Sakura Five were a group of Alter Egos that were cut from the game during development when we changed the plot.
They were all alter egos (bunshin off-shoots) of BB. Each was based on one of the following five emotions: love/hate, joy [happiness], purity, compassion, desire [craving].
In the very first design concept of CCC:
The boss of the first layer was Red Lancer.
The bosses of layers two through six were the Sakura Five.
The boss of the seventh layer was BB or the mastermind behind the bad stuff in the story.
Sure enough it was Sakura Hell. On one hand I’m glad it was cut, but on the other hand it’s a bit regrettable.
By the way, the Alter Egos symbolized the sensuous parts of the female body.
Passionlip represented breasts, and Meltlilith the feet.
The remaining Alter Egos represented eyes, lips, and back.

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