A currency that is only used on the far side of the Moon.
It’s the same as PP in EXTRA, but BB one-sidedly decided to change its name to “Sakurament.” It’s basically as though yen were changed into sakura.
By nature PP is essentially equivalent to magic power (economically realized) on the far side of the Moon. It’s easy if you think of it as Magic Power = Memory and Ruby.
Within cyberspace it is necessary to make, change or activate things. The total amount available is a set number, however the currency doesn’t tend to build up in just one persons hands, and flows freely around within SE.RA.PH.
BB: “But like, you know, PP just isn’t a cute name at all, so I improved it! Now it’s a sakura flower shaped supplement that cheers everyone up! …in short, Sakurament!”
Koucha: “………(Sakurament sounds the same as sacrament, but it seems wiser to stay quiet about that now…).”

Just Koucha being coldly considerate of BB.
Also, according to another report, in the initial design plans Sakurament was supposedly managed by a Bank President-esque Alter Ego. Of course in the final CCC consumer product such a character isn’t hinted at and doesn’t make the slightest appearance.

Fate/EXTRA Material: Encyclopedia of Fate/EXTRA