Saber Venus

The final surprise of this title.
Fate/EX is always pushing boundaries, but this is definitely the furthest the team has ever pushed it in the history of Extra.
In Tamamo-Cat’s words: “Her attack is through the roof.”
It’s very much in character for Nero to beseech the aid of the Goddess of Love (Venus) and not the God of War (Mars). We went with Venus instead of Aphrodite just because Venus rolls off the tongue better.1
We salute Wada Arco, who took on the “bikini armor” motif that’s fading into obscurity, and, without a shred of embarrassment, finished it up into something so beautiful!

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ The original text is just talking about the difference between pronouncing Venus depending on if you write with ウィ or ヴイ.
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