Sesshouin Kiara

Kiara is a Master that appears in CCC.
She is a Japanese woman in her late 20s. Her name is properly written 殺生院祈荒 [rather than the oft-written 殺生院キアラ].
Her servant is Andersen.
Dressed in a nun’s attire, she is an air-head ero-older-sister type.
Despite her troublesome tendency to brush off what others say, her attitude and behavior is even more suggestive than that of the Alter Egos. Truth be told, her sexual desire is beyond her control.
Although she is wearing a nun’s clothing, it’s still easy to tell from the lines of her body that she is an unmatched beauty of a woman. By the way, she doesn’t cut her hair (tonsure) and instead just keeps it tucked under her nun veil.
She refers to herself using “私” [わたし].
She usually refers to others using “皆さん” [みなさん], and usually adds -san at the end of peoples’ names.
She is essentially a proper lady with a neat and tidy way of speaking.
She has a soft personality, and a chaste set of values, but when she speaks, oddly enough her words carry a hint of sensuality.
Her personality is introverted, timid, and active.
She is very gentle and mild-mannered, but also positive and motivated at the same time. It may seem as though she has a weak constitution, but she is energetic and full of life. She is deeply compassionate toward others. She is deeply considerate and is good at grasping the reason or truth. She can read almost everyone’s feelings and correctly understand their position or suffering.
Both on the outside and the inside, she is a talented woman overflowing with graceful beauty…
She seems wonderful, but at the same time she is a bit absent-minded, and seems to have a lot of knowledge about sex… rather than “Holy Woman” she would be more appropriately labeled as a “kind older sister.”
While she has trouble controlling her poison-tongued servant Andersen, she remains an upright character that never loses her smile.

While she is rather lacking in combat ability, she is a wizard at analyzing the hearts of others, and also excels at healing. In CCC while pretending to obey BB, she diligently supports the protagonist.
It is thanks to her Codecast that the unconquerable Sakura Labyrinth was cleared.
Kiara thinks well of most people, but it seems that she has a distaste for Gatou.
This is just some useless crumbs of info again, but in the fourth round, Gatou Monji uses her [first] name without hesitation.

Kiara is the daughter of a high-ranked monk in the Eternal Heaven Sect, which is a branch of Shingon Mikkyo Tachikawa1.
Born and raised in a community located deep in the mountains, when she was young she was afflicted by an untreatable disease, and the doctor said she wouldn’t live to see the age of 14.
Around that time the only thing that supported her and kept her together was a picture book she received from her father’s religious followers when they came to visit her sickbed.
On snowy evenings, this young girl who was headed for a meaningless death would fawn over the book and its story.
Kiara greatly admired the story of the girl who, despite there being a difference in situation as great as the difference between the Earth and the Moon, fell in love at first sight upon seeing a man from a world apart from her own, and then proceeded to trade her voice for the ability to ascend to land.
After that, due to the spread of the Internet, despite being stuck in bed she was able to learn about the world, and using the knowledge she gained she was able to recover from her untreatable disease. Once she was able to move freely again, her memories of the book were relegated to a small dusty corner of her brain.

After becoming an adult Kiara was able to gather many followers due to her great kindness, and as a nun she completely devoted herself to teach them.
However, she ended up being killed by a follower who selfishly wanted to have her all to himself.
…Well even with that being said, at that time she had already transferred herself into spiritron form using Ten Thousand Colored Stagnation, and it was no problem for her to lose her physical body on Earth.
Kiara took it upon herself to continue her religious work in the cyber world, and dedicated herself even more to teaching others how to manage their worldly desires.
Her existence is similar to the rumored Third Magic, Heaven’s Feel which is the physical materialization of the soul.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Mikkyo means secret teachings.
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