CCC Caster End

Tamamo Nine! There’s even something like this in the game.
This is the name from early in the development of CCC when there were still 5 Alter Egos called the Sakura Five… A little additional explanation about what happened to SE.RA.PH in the Cas-ko end is in order.
After Moon Cell‘s core was destroyed by Caster, SE.RA.PH immediately self-reset and changed its mode of operation from being primarily observation to being primarily an environment provider.
The sealed second universe was opened to the public; a new frontier for mankind.
In short, SE.RA.PH became an open world. After that SE.RA.PH started being accessed not only by people from Earth, but also from other planets, and then the fabricated spiritron world came to be well developed. And everyone lived happily ever after.
Well, just leave it to Caster’s misbehavior to ruin it all.
The Saber end isn’t quite as open-ended as Caster’s, but finishes in a similar situation.

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