Ciel Somer

Not, as you might think, a misspelling of “Ciel Summer.”
One of Ciel’s new moves in Melty Blood Re-ACT. All her other moves are named normally, but this one is Ciel Somer. Ciel does a somersault, so it’s called Ciel Somer. That’s all there is to it.
When we sent the list of skill names to French Bread, we had written “Ciel Somer (←This is serious)” down for this one, but apparently there was a misunderstanding and they thought the note in parentheses was actually part of the name. Really we were just trying to say that the name wasn’t a joke, and we seriously wanted to call it Ciel Somer. Still, it was funny so we ended up deciding to use it anyway. Because of that, “Ciel Somer (Serious)” made its way into the game as a powered-up version of the move that shows up when you do a shield counter.
By the way, if you’re wondering why this particular skill has such a strange name, it’s because it’s a skill Ciel made up herself and not one from the Burial Agency. In short, she’s the one that named it. Just thank God she didn’t get to name any of the moves involving the Seventh Holy Scripture.

Tsukihime Dokuhon Plus Period: Tsukihime Dictionary Revised