Female Honorific

One of President Leo’s presidential affinities.
Regardless of who you are talking to, adding “Miss” before a female’s name is etiquette expected of a gentleman.
However, he does not use “Miss” when talking to AI, and he calls Sakura solely by her name.
Jinako: “Why do you always use ‘Miss’ for every girl you meet?”
Leo: “Addressing unmarried women with ‘Miss’ is proper etiquette. But more than that, the sound of the word ‘Miss’ is simply marvelous. Don’t you all think so too?”
Rin: “I’m completely in the ‘Fräulein’ camp. There’s nothing that could sound lovelier you know.”
Rani: “Hmm… as for me, well I think that each country has its own wonderful honorifics for women, but my favorite has to be ‘Mademoiselle.’”
Jinako: “Oh man. You gals are birds of a feather y’know. Using just ‘Fujoshi’ (腐女子) and ‘Orera’ (オレら) is more than enough for god’s sake.”

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