Head of the Newspaper Club

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Extra Makidera. Abbreviated as ExMa.
She guides the Master candidates through the preliminaries of the Holy Grail War. She is our Super Heroin who is rather rough around the edges, speaks vaguely and is not particularly quick to think.
Her original setting was to be the very talented captain of the track and field club, but as a character who specializes in being extremely annoying, we changed her as she fit better as the head of the newspaper club.
Regrettably she only makes a brief appearance in CCC.
For those of you who want to see more of her, check out (and buy) the manga “Ice Box Universe” (氷室の天地 by 磨伸映一郎 (Mashin Eiichirou). Published by 一迅社 (Ichijinsha)1).


Translator's Notes
  1. ^ https://twitter.com/eiitirou, or google マキジ大作戦 (Makiji Daisakusen).
  2. ^ Yes all this stuff (aside from the twitter link, which I included for convenience) is actually written in the original Japanese text. I didn’t randomly add in this shout out to that manga.
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