Jean Ram

One of the people whose should have been a Master of the “Red” Camp. Female. Known as the Gale Wheel, she uses chakrams and possesses Wind-affinity magecraft just as her title implies. You really are exactly what you seem like, aren’t you? She’s a bibliomaniac, and according to rumor she searched for the library of Ivan the Thunder Emperor.
Her skill is definitely first-rate, but regretfully, she was easily subdued by Semiramis’ poison. The relatives of the “Red” Masters, excluding Shishigou and Shirou, make a stealthy appearance in Fate/strange Fake (Author: Ryohgo Narita, from Dengeki Bunko).
Well, things ended in massive failure for them in various ways, so even after being freed their positions have become precarious.

Fate/Apocrypha material: Fate/Apocrypha Encylopedia