Shingon Tachikawa Eiten School

Shingon Tachikawa Eiten-ryu.
A branch of the Shingon Tachikawa sect that existed up until 2030.
Even after 1970 the Shingon Tachikawa Eternal Heaven Sect engaged in the practice of old world magecraft theory. Essentially a “living fossil,” this organization was a small community created in a remote mountain area far from prying eyes. In 2018 it took the initiative to reinvent its teachings, and revived itself as a new-world magus organization that had adapted to the internet society of modern times.
The fundamental principals in Shingon Tachikawa teachings are: Luminous Mind, Union, and Great Power Development.
As a cult it rapidly increased its followers, but due to overly fast expansion there were internal power struggles, so in 2020 it stopped all activities.
Members of this religious community fought each other to the death, and it is said that the bodies of the dead followers still lie in plain view in its former headquarter in the mountains.

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