Wisdom of Divine Gift

The Cheat of Cheats skill of our Professor Chiron. It bundles together the various skills and abilities that he received from the Greek Gods. It covers various skills, from artistic categories like music, to battle techniques like archery and spearmanship, and even to ranger skills such as outdoor pursuit and medicinal harvesting.
However, these skills are based on the techniques of Greece’s mythic era, and as such Chiron cannot acquire skills developed in another time and place. Unique skills limited to specific individual such as “Imperial Priviledge” and “Pioneer of the Stars” all fall outside the scope of “Wisdom of Divine Gift.”
Thanks to this skill, Chiron can also bestow generic skills to other Servants… but almost all Servants can be summoned precisely because they are complete as heroes, so there exist very few laudable Servants who would ask to be taught by him.
The only possible person who might be taught by him in this work is Sieg, but Chiron perceived that he could not bestow skills upon (teach) him unless he transforms into Siegfried in the first place, and he couldn’t teach him anything he could learn within a three-minute time limit.
Professor Chiron seemed a bit lonely after he realized that.

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