Sword Camelot

Sword Camelot is a special kind of codecast known as a Finality. It is a greatly prized spell passed down through generations of a famous magus family.
Sword Camelot is the Harwey family’s prized codecast.1 Sword Camelot is a castle which is used as a place for two knights who considered honor to be of great importance to do battle without anyone else interfering.
There is a wall of flame that surrounds the two knights, and it can only be destroyed by a wielder of a holy sword who objects to the duel taking place.
By the way, the magic missile that a certain magic user used to destroy a certain priceless relic also falls into the category of Finality.2

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ The literal meaning of Sword Camelot written in kanji in this text is: The Gorgeous Castle where Holy Swords Congregate.
  2. ^ The magic user here is probably Aoko, the priceless relic is most likely Flat Snark. Fun fact: “Finality” is also the name of the music that plays during Aoko’s battle with Flat Snark.
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