Tears of the Cosmos

An ominous phenomenon that precedes the arrival of Velber on worlds that it marks as prey.
They appear as tear-shaped comets, with rays of light that rain down upon the earth from their tails.
The flashes of light that descend from the tail of the comet are not tears, but Arks of the Stars, fragments of the Umbral Star, each containing spiritron-draining Anti-Cells on a mission to destroy all civilizations.
Starship fragments of the Umbral Star create by Velber. Three Arks of the Stars are confirmed to have been sent to Earth 14,000 years ago.
Altera’s Ark of the Stars plummeted to the Moon. It is unknown where the two remaining Arks fell.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Localized as Lachryma Caelum, also known as Tears of the Stars.
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