Super Bajiquan

Fate/Zero is the story of Emiya Kiritsugu and Kotomine Kirei, so naturally the final climactic battle had to be a one on one match between the two of them. However, from the outset Kiritsugu fought using firearms and Innate Time Control sorcery, and even would even end up wielding Avalon due to the events of the story. Kirei, on the other hand, had black keys and… that’s it. I was totally stumped about how to make it into a decent battle. But then it came to me: baji quan. The answer was Baji Quan. But how should I handle it?
I tried to put it off for as long as possible, but by volume 2 my hands were tied. I had to write a fight scene for Kirei. To prepare, I cleared my mind of all preconceptions, and read The Smiling, Proud Wanderer over and over, before moving on to the movies of Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and Tony Jaa. It was an intense period of self-enlightenment (brainwashing). As a result, I finally attained a state of being where I could honestly say that kung fu is amazing. So very, very amazing. Then, before I could regain my sanity, I went and pounded out the fight scene with Iri and Maiya in a single sitting.
By the way, in order to write the last battle at the Fuyuki Civic Center, I added The 36th Chamber of Shaolin and The Storm Riders to my brainwashing recipe.
On account of that, even if you tear into me about how ridiculous Kirei’s baji quan was, I’m just going to ignore you and hum the ending theme of Space Warrior Baldios.

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