Greater Grail

The Greater Holy Grail created by the Three Families of Fuyuki. It is a giant altar created using the woman known as the Saint of Winter, Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern, as the core. It was stolen by Darnic in the Third Holy Grail War. After conducting all sorts of experiments on it, he established it in Trifas, in the country of Romania… I say this without hesitation, but this theft has already transformed beyond being a miracle and turned into a form of idle gossip to the magi who know just what kind of object the Greater Grail is. It’s true that Darnic managed to slip away with it amidst the confusion of the war, but you have to wonder whether Darnic had a few dozen screws loose in his head at the time to consider transporting it from Japan to Romania without letting anyone realize it.

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