Tiger Dojo

A no-questions-asked Q&A corner that accompanies dead ends. Of course, since it only gives vague hints, it’s not as helpful as it might seem.
There are forty episodes in total, with an overarching plot that runs from start to finish.
Even just two months before the game went gold the scenario director, art director, and chief director were conspiring to cram in more and more content. At one point there were plans to change the title card every single episode, add animations, and give Illya forty different outfits. In the end, though, they realized that if they had the time and resources to do all that they should probably spend it polishing the main game instead, and so the Tiger Dojo took on its current form.
The fact that it ended up being so lively and amusing even after being scaled back was mostly due to the chief director’s efforts.
By the way, the bonus Tiger Mini-Theaters were actually supposed to be part of the main Tiger Dojo story at first.
Ah, now that I’m thinking about it, there’s something nice about text-window type visual novels, don’t you think? Let’s make one of those next time!

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