Sighișoara is where Vlad III’s family home is. The town next to it is the land managed by Yggdmillennia, Trifas. It was originally the landed overseen by the Prestone family… Darnic’s family. The town resembles Sighișoara, but it has virtually no sightseeing landmarks, so Trifas is rarely considered as a destination in Romania’s sightseeing tours.
Naturally, this is a result of measures taken by Yggdmillennia so as to divert attention away from this land, and members of Yggdmillennia who have secretly infiltrated the country’s travel agencies will immediately take action if someone even brings up Trifas’ name for a sightseeing tour. They do allow a few tourists to visit so as not to make the town too insular and unsociable.
The town’s current population is twenty thousand, and concealed among them are many people connected to Yggdmillennia, who, while not being magi, do know of the existence of magecraft. When tourists go out to bars and the like, the native people all look at them with transparent eyes. Well, an insular town in the countryside is the perfect setting for horror. Horror, you know?

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