Twice H. Pieceman

Pieceman is a medical researcher and scientist who lived from 1970 to 1999.
He specialized in the use of cybernetics to improve prosthetics, while also doing significant work in brain surgery, electronic engineering, and even development of the network.
He is an individual who played a big role in laying the foundation for the infrastructure that is used in the present (2030). He is a great man whose many meritorious achievements include analyzing the amnesia syndrome disease, and providing medical assistance in war zones among others.
He was born in the 70s, in the midst of a so-called proxy war taking place in Southeast Asia, as the mixed-race son of a local and an American soldier.
Born in the fires of war, which would claim the lives of both his parents by its end (that being said his father died early on in the war after being sent to the front lines). He lived as a war orphan, but was eventually adopted for his potential as a Wizard. The name Pieceman belongs to his adoptive father.
(It’s reasonable to assume that he is not aware of this. Twice was adopted when he was around the age of five, and it is assumed that he no longer has memories of that time. His adoptive family went as far as altering their family registry, and even up to his death he never found out that he was a war orphan.)
After graduating from University, he was offered a promising future working at the think tank of a famous conglomerate, but he declined this to follow the ideals he strongly believed in, and so he left the safety of home. After that, disregarding the opposition from the people around him, he headed to strife-filled, war-torn areas, “To experience war firsthand.” and became widely known for his work as an engineer.
In 1999 he traveled to an experimental future city in the Far East to help as a volunteer in the aftermath of a disaster. He helped save many people, but then died in a terrorist attack.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Twice H. Pieceman appears as two separate entries (character and concept) in the glossary.
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