Elizabeth Bathory

A Lancer-class Servant serving as a vanguard of Tamamo no Mae’s army.
Born in 1560, died in 1614. Elizabeth was born into the house of Bathory, a noble family in Hungary whose coat of arms depicted the teeth of a dragon. She is a relative of Vlad III, the Impaler of Wallachia and the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula. She is also one of the models for Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s gothic novella, Carmilla.
Elizabeth believed that the blood of young girls would preserve her youth, and in her home of
Čachtice Castle, she killed over 600 young women and drained their blood to fill her baths.
It goes without saying that she is categorized as an Anti-Hero, an irredeemable evil who exists to highlight the valor of a Heroic Spirit.
Now that she exists as a Servant, she retains the macabre nature she had in life, but she has reformed due to an incident that occurred on the Far Side of the Moon. She will never be absolved of the sins she committed or forgiven for the lives she stole away, but she is trying to repent for her actions by “being useful for something” in her given role.
Owing to her achievements on the Far Side of the Moon, she is now an idol who debuted on SE.RA.PH as a proper Servant.
Even in the new SE.RA.PH she has nowhere else to go, and she now serves as a maid in the Millennium Capital as part of her penitence. Elizabeth has not forgotten a single moment of the time she spent with the Main Character, but the Main Character only vaguely remembers her.

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