Father Fernando

A priest dispatched to Gray’s old home.
Though a member of the Holy Church, he is neither an Executor, nor a man with any connections to the central organization. Though he has knowledge of Mystery and magecraft, he is fundamentally just an ordinary person. For places where the potential need for aggressive action is low, people like this are often sent.
Depending on the situation, rather than resorting to violence, people who are able to gently win over others show better results. The Holy Church was well aware of that.
For that reason, after reporting about Gray’s transformation, he suffered no small amount as Ilumia was dispatched and their village became a front line of sorts.
The prayer Gray offered in the Castle of Separation was taught to her by Fernando. “When someone has been driven mad by loss, even if only a little, offer solace first. The question of the existence or lack of faith can be dealt with later.”
Such was the way he taught Gray of the balance struck by the Blackmore Cemetary, no matter that it clearly contradicted the teachings of the Holy Church.

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