Fujou Kirie

A woman in her late twenties. One of the three who made contact. A descendant of an ancient shaman lineage. A character defined by day-dreaming and floating.
Kirie was a woman plagued by disease and spent her life in the hospital ward. After losing her sight, she viewed the world with renewed clarity, and was set free by Araya Souren with another body.
However, without a goal, Kirie had nowhere to go. She lingered and floated, resulting in several victims.
As an aside, the Fujous made a living by channeling1. They are a house as ancient as the Ryougis and Asakamis. Although the itako of Mount Osore lost their sight due to looking into the realm of the dead, Kirie’s power blossomed as a result of losing her sight to illness.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Wayward spirits, Gods, etc.
Garden of sinners Pamphlet: Kara no Kyoukai Settings Glossary