Banshoku Yuutai

Ten Thousand Colored Stagnation1.
Healing software developed by Sesshoin Kiara.
It constitutes a hack of the spiritron-transformed digital body made from an arrangement of Eternal Heaven Sect secret prayers and austerities.
It’s a codecast used with the aim of performing mental care, however since it has the risky potential to be used to violate a person’s human rights, Kiara herself sealed the software away and labeled it as an illicit program.
It invades the cyber brain of its target, and by analyzing brain signals, communication and response to stimulus, the software can freely read the contents of the target’s mind and soul.
To be frank, this software is just like its name; the user of the codecast completely accepts and takes in the target through a naked encounter in the cyber world.
Although the software was developed for medical purposes, ironically, the feeling of euphoria and comfort it provides exceeds that of so-called cyber drugs. If someone with a weak Ego or weak willpower were to use this software, they would end up in a world of suffering…… There have been many cases where after using this software the user abandons the idea of returning to reality.
After an incident where some high ranking government officials were infected with this software, the West Europe Plutocracy designated it as illegal, and went after its developer Kiara Sesshoin, and put her on the international wanted criminal list.
Of course it can be said this result was only expected seeing as this software will go down in cyber crime history for breaking one of the greatest taboos.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ 万色悠滞 translates to “Ten Thousand Colored Stagnation,” but can also mean “Ten Thousand Lust Bondage.”
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