Passionlip is the Alter Ego of love and hate.
She leaves an impression with her excessively oversized chest and evil looking claws.
She is a High Level AI created from a plucked out piece of BB’s heart.
Passionlip is a High Servant whose base model was cut and paste from a goddess type servant.
She does not enjoy fighting, but due to her skills like Masochistic Constitution she ends up being attacked, and so she reluctantly counter attacks [so she can survive].
She has an introverted personality and a tendency to assume things, but she always acts wholeheartedly.
By default she has a liking for the protagonist, and from early on she starts protecting him/her from the shadows.
However Passionlip doesn’t want anyone else to get close to the protagonist, and even her ally Ryokucha becomes a target for extermination when the protagonist is under her yandere-like supervision.
One of her id_es skills is “Crash & Trash.”
With this skill Passionlip can use her claws to crush any object, no matter how large, as long as it can be contained within her field of vision. This skill can only ever be used in an imaginary number space through the use of a compression codec with almost illusory properties.
Lip specializes in destruction, and as long as her target doesn’t move, like terrain or a building, Lip exceeds BB in destructive power.
It must be added that Servants and Masters immediately sense danger and escape from her field of vision. The cumbersome Lip is unable to chase after them well, and the result is she ends up losing them.
In the game she appears as the most prominent power character.
She is the embodiment of blind courtship. She dandies up the target of her love in her mind, and shuts them away inside her heart in order to keep them all to herself.

There are three goddesses who have been inserted into Passionlip.
The first is the Indian goddess of beauty, Parvati.
She is a Goddess who blindly and devotedly loved her husband Shiva, who is the god of destruction.
The second is the Battle Goddess Durga.
Durga is a manifestation of Parvati, and carries 10 divine weapons. Passionlip’s 10 giant claws are the embodiment of those weapons.
The third goddess is Brynhildr of Northern Europe.
The Queen Brynhildr failed to be bound to the hero she loved, and fell into ruin while wallowing in sorrow. The Brynhildr in Passionlip is said to be the Brynhildr from Wagner’s opera cycle, and thus she appears as the warrior maiden (valkyrie) who guides the souls of the dead to heaven.
It goes without saying, depending on the circumstances even love can turn into despair, and Brynhildr tragically ends up guiding the soul of her loved one.

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